Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Free University programme

11am- Discussion Session/Work group: “The History of Fees & Cuts: Building a Timeline of HE Cuts Since the 1980s”
1pm- Lunchtime Language Session- Food & French
3pm- Dadaist Poetry: Come along and take part in a fun, creative poetry session
5pm- Discussion session: “Is There No Alternative? How to Talk to Deficit Hawks”
7:30pm- Evening Meeting
9pm- Film Night

11am-“Foreign Aid and International Development”
1pm- Lunchtime Language Sessions: Beginner’s Chinese
3pm- "Overcoming recessions: cross-national perspectives on addressing the impact of the financial crisis"
5pm- Discussion Session: “What Are Our Aspirations for Education? Come and discuss the future of the free University”
7:30pm- Evening Meeting

Everything is going well at the occupation, and we're looking forward to our soiree later. Unfortunately - for reasons I refuse to speculate on - there's no internet or heating currently, and hasn't been for the past two days. Oh, well!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

From Aber Students Against Cuts comes The Alternative!

Ever wondered why we were protesting? Whether the cuts matter to education in Wales? Whether the cuts are necessary? Whether there are alternatives to the austerity measures? Then you should probably read The Alternative!

In our very first edition we include a myth buster section, notes on making decisions horizontally and a guide to alternative media.

You can read it online here or email/leave a comment/pop down to the occupation, and have a hardcopy.


Friday, 25 February 2011

Statement from Occupied Aber

We have occupied Hugh Owen A12/A14 in opposition to the decimation of higher education in the United Kingdom. We act in solidarity with all those facing the barbaric and unnecessary cuts across society. We reject the idea that the cuts are necessary and recognise that they are motivated out of political choice rather than economic necessity. 

We recognise that the space we occupy is ours and as such we have made it a place where critical thinking and dialogue occurs, involving all in the university and the general public. As part of this we are committed not to disrupting the ongoing lectures happening. We occupy in solidarity with future generations, fellow occupiers and movements across the globe

We recognise a burning need for participatory democracy within the university, and many students feel marginalised by the management. We feel this occupation raises awareness of our campaign not only to students, but to senior management. We believe that in the spirit of academia the university management should engage in open and public dialogue and debate willingly. This will ensure that the students see the university management as acting in their interests and not following the government in market-driven policy.

We reject the idea that "we're all in this together" when the ideologically driven cuts will affect the poorest and the vulnerable the hardest, while large corporations and the rich avoid taxes successfully. 

We reject the idea that knowledge is a commodity, and believe these draconian austerity measures are neither progressive nor just.

Please send messages of support and solidarity to

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Aber is occupied again!

After a very successful rally and march at the university Aber Students Against Cuts have occupied A12 lecture theatre (Hugh Owen).

The march saw approximately seven hundred students, lecturers and people of Aberystwyth marching from campus to the Old College, where we occupied the building to make our voices heard to the senior management.

We are committed to not disturbing lectures or the open day that is happening tomorrow, and look forward to the contributions from students and lecturers to the debate on education.

We want to remind senior management of the commitment they have to education and to us.

A full statement of our demands and reasons for occupation will follow tomorrow - right now it's nearing midnight and we've had a full day. We're settling down to do some work and watch films.

Come down and visit us, even if you just fancy a cup of coffee!

Watch this (free) space!