Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Free University programme

11am- Discussion Session/Work group: “The History of Fees & Cuts: Building a Timeline of HE Cuts Since the 1980s”
1pm- Lunchtime Language Session- Food & French
3pm- Dadaist Poetry: Come along and take part in a fun, creative poetry session
5pm- Discussion session: “Is There No Alternative? How to Talk to Deficit Hawks”
7:30pm- Evening Meeting
9pm- Film Night

11am-“Foreign Aid and International Development”
1pm- Lunchtime Language Sessions: Beginner’s Chinese
3pm- "Overcoming recessions: cross-national perspectives on addressing the impact of the financial crisis"
5pm- Discussion Session: “What Are Our Aspirations for Education? Come and discuss the future of the free University”
7:30pm- Evening Meeting

Everything is going well at the occupation, and we're looking forward to our soiree later. Unfortunately - for reasons I refuse to speculate on - there's no internet or heating currently, and hasn't been for the past two days. Oh, well!

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