Saturday, 5 March 2011

Solidarity from Noam Chomsky

In a statement sent earlier today, acclaimed philosopher and activist Noam Chomsky has condemned the attack on public education as "a very serious blow to the population at large". The full statement can be read below:
"The attack on public education in the US and UK -- higher education in particular -- may bring short-term benefits to small sectors of concentrated wealth and power, but it is a very serious blow to the population at large, and to prospects for a decent society in the future. The protestors [sic] in Aberystwyth -- like those in Tahrir Square, Madison Wisconsin, and many other parts of the world -- are in the forefront of global struggles for basic rights, freedom, and democracy, and merit full and committed support."


  1. I'd go one step further and say the attack on education and, cuts imposed on the public and, job losses, wage cuts, 'benefit' denials, lies about figure of unemployed and the inflation increase, are all part of a deliberate control over the masses. It's a form of society terrorism.

  2. The person who wrote that above me is cool. While I wouldn't use the word 'terrorism' to describe it, I'd agree that collectively the intention of the list above does seem to be punishment and essentially theft. Steal off the poor so the rich can reassure us that the precious private sector is growing.