Monday, 13 December 2010

The Demands and Petition have been sent to the University Council

At about 2.00pm this afternoon a small contingent of the occupants of Aber Uni walked down to Old College and presented through our representative, Jon - the Guild President, the petition of over 1500 signatures from students, staff and local residents which condemns government proposals for education funding cuts and calls on the Vice Chancellor and university management to do the same. We also at the same presented the demands that were published earlier on the blog.

The meeting is currently in progress and we will bring you progress as we go through.


  1. Hi Jon et al. Action Against Cuts - Cardiff meets tonight and I will be moving that we offer our full solidarity to you. In the meantime, you have my best wishes and support. Text me if you need anything, 07947 214169.

    Edmund Schluessel
    Cardiff University Socialist Students

  2. Thanks Ed - great to have your support!

    We're in for the night. Which is great. Reckon we'll pack up tomorrow for Christmas, but this has been an exciting few days and we'll definitely start again come the new year!

    Best of luck in Cardiff!

    Aber Students Against The Cuts