Monday, 13 December 2010

The Demands of the Occupation are Released

The Aber Students Against The Cuts Demands

We call on Noel Lloyd and the University Council to publically condemn the proposed cuts to higher education funding, the rise of the cap on tuition fees, and the wider cuts to the public sector. We call on the University Council and Noel Lloyd, in his capacity as Vice-Chancellor of Aberystwyth University and as chair of Higher Education Wales, to therefore publically reject those policies implemented by the government that advance the commodification and privatisation of higher education funding.

Instead, we demand that they affirm the fundamental role that Aberystwyth University plays within the social, political and cultural community; asserting the role of the university as a vital agent of a progressive society and of education as a public good available to all and not a commodity limited to those who can afford it.

We ask the members of the University Council to pledge not to use the new legislation to raise tuition fees.

We demand assurances that there will be no closures or mergers of departments, no redundancies nor reductions in staff numbers as a consequence of natural wastage, and no curtailment of the university facilities as a consequence of funding cuts.

We demand that the university Council and the vice chancellor address fully those concerns expressed in the petition signed by over 1400 staff, students, and members of the local community relating to the restructuring of higher education funding.

We demand indemnity from victimisation – including prosecution or university disciplinary measures - for those students, staff members and others who are participating peaceably in this teach-in and other peaceful protests.

We demand solidarity from the University Council in the pursuit of our demands.

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